The Workspaces

collab hive.png

The Collaborative Hive

The Collaborative Hive is a semi-open workspace that redefines the traditional ‘student desk’ typology. Within this work type there are six unique pieces of furniture; the Hive Desk, Pill Desk, Tech. Stand, Studio Partition, High Stool, and Studio Chair. Each piece of furniture allows the space to become more dynamic and flexible in function and aesthetic. This particular arrangement of furniture allows for individual work, collaborative presentations, and casual transient work. The Hive Desk allows for four people to work immediately next to one another without creating harsh delineations of space that inhibits collaboration. The Tech. Stands and Studio Partitions give students the opportunity to display their work for constructive criticism or judgment-free conversation. Additionally, the Tech. Stand fits flawlessly between Hive Desks at an appropriate height which is ergonomic to look at and visually balanced within the space. Lastly, the Pill Desks are aligned at the end of pod. This either allows additional students to join in a group meet or remain separate from the group, due to the subtle increase in desk height.

focus hive.png

The Focus Hive

The Focus Hive is another variation of the traditional ‘student desk’ typology. This design offers a more rigid and individual option than the Casual Hive. The same six pieces of furniture; the Hive Desk, Pill Desk, Tech. Stand, Studio Partition, High Stool, and Studio Chair, come together in a space that promotes focused work. The Tech. Stands are located at the periphery of the space, giving an open and clear space to work within. The Pill Desks are facing each other in the center of the space. This creates a small communal area in the center that encourages group meetings. By shifting the meeting space away from the studio desks, students will be less distracted by their peers and free to continue their private projects. In addition to small group meetings, the center island can be utilized by the professors as his private desk. This would give the teacher his/her own personal space while still remaining approachable for students in need of help. 

presntation theat.png
third space.png

The Presentation Theatre

The Presentation Theatre embodies an informal approach for pin-ups space and reviews. Within the space are seven simple, yet highly designed products; The Block, Modular Couch, Tech. Stand, Tri-fold Partition, Studio Partition, High Stool, and Service Table. This space was designed with two key ideas, casual conversation and maximum flexibility. The space includes ample pin-up space that is organized along a wide shallow footprint, to maximized audience size and inclusiveness. The furniture within the space are light and easily moved. The room can be subdivided or left open depending on the class’s needs. Items such as the Modular Couch can be used either as a center-piece for the room, or completely disassembled and scattered throughout. Other items, such as the Block, encourage a personal engagement and sense of play. This space allows for constructive criticism in a relaxed environment. This lower student stress rates and keeps the conversation positive and productive.  


The Third-Space

The Third-Space is a term that is used to describe locations people and are not considered their home or place of work. This room never has a class scheduled in it and always remains open for student use. Our Third-Space is populated by five of our designs; The Analogue Workspace, Modular Couch, Tech. Stand, High Stool, and Coffee Table. We included an area within our workplace that students can simply relax in. Here, the Tech. Stand, Modular Couch, and Service Table are meant to bring your home living room to the office. The decision to move the Analogue Workspace into the space derived from our research. We found a common practice among industry leaders that shifted necessary, yet lightly used, work functions into an open communal space. The Third-Space represents a place where you and your friends can go with a cup of coffee or tea to talk and relax, a function that is severely lacking in the modern workspace.