What is Section 001?

We are a collaborative studio of twenty industrial design students and four architecture students from the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Exploring an array of design histories from Mid-Century Modern, Shaker furniture, Scandinavian and contemporary Japanese as well as the idea of the live/work environment, we created a furniture house to define a Midwestern Modern style. Pulling from these traditions, the furniture explores different materials and processes and is linked together by form, material and color. Also of paramount concern were methods of production/manufacturability and the principles of good design (form, contrast, balance, unity, etc.). We have designed this furniture to live in the Master of Design studio space in DAAP and was shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Our brand, Section 001, was designed from the ground up to include furniture, literature and an event space is a manifestation of a desire to create furniture that is balanced, grounded, thought-provoking, integrated and lit. 

The work created for Section 001 was created in a single semester-long collaborative studio taught by John Dixon and Stephen Slaughter. Focusing largely on designing for small run manufacturing, Section 001 partnered with several vendors and manufacturers in the Cincinnati area, including School Outfitters, Formica, Modern Sheet Metal, Abel Manufacturing, Leonard's Powder Coating, and Orange Chair. Students designed all of the work and created everything they could themselves within the means of the facilities at DAAP, shopping out only what was necessary.

John Dixon

assistant professor of practice | Industrial Design


For the last decade, John has been exploring the influence making, language, and the physical manifestation of concepts has had on his design process. Often times his products are born from a word, phrase, or already existing object, working top down rather than bottom up. Regularly called a “maker,” John has focused on the process of making, and manipulating material as a major force within his work, allowing him to be informed and inspired by material and process, rather than limited by them.

John is currently an assistant professor of practice in industrial design, owns and operates his furniture brand: Dixon Branded, and is working on a number of design for activism side projects. 


Stephen Slaughter

assistant professor | Architecture


After completing a Masters of Architecture at The Ohio State University, and initiating his career in Thom Mayne’s studio, Morphosis, Slaughter has collaborated with a number of highly respected and infl uential practices throughout the world. As a twenty year practicing professional, Slaughter’s experience spans from presiding over the roll-out of retail boutiques, and designing restaurants and residences, to managing large-scale corporate and institutional projects such as libraries, schools, corporate headquarters and medical facilities. In addition to conventional practice, and borne out of the desire to challenge disciplinary dogma, Slaughter co-founded PHAT, a four- person, multi-disciplinary design collaborative that pursued work for exhibition, and has shown in venues throughout the world including the Studio Museum in Harlem and ArchiLab in Orléans. 

Slaughter is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Cincinnati focusing on the nexus between public interest design and computation in design and fabrication.