About Versteel


Versteel is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Jasper, Indiana. They have been creating some of the highest quality tables and chairs in the industry since 1985 when the company was founded. At this time the founder, Scott Schwinghammer, made the decision to keep almost all of their manufacturing in-house because he quickly realized that none of the available suppliers at the time could deliver the quality that his consumers expected.


“We wanted to push the limits of the tube laser to create something unexpected.”

Versteel Student Team


Map of Versteel relative to the University of Cincinnati







All four of the furniture pieces that the team created use the same form language and joinery in an effort to create a cohesive family of products. The products chosen reflect the furniture that a consumer might choose to populate a living room or common area. The end table was created at a slightly greater height than both of the seating elements to allow it to overlap.