Versteel is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Jasper, Indiana. They have been creating some of the highest quality tables and chairs in the industry since 1985 when the company was founded. At this time the founder, Scott Schwinghammer, made the decision to
keep almost all of their manufacturing in-house. This was because he quickly realized that none of the available suppliers at the time could deliver the quality that his consumers expected. Now the company boasts a 135,000 square foot warehouse with a huge variety of production capabilities in a variety of areas such as metal, wood, and upholstery. Now Versteel manufactures a variety of furniture pieces for classrooms, offices, and common areas as well as many other public spaces. Despite the rapid growth of the company, Versteel strives to care for each and every employee because they are in complete control of the quality of the final product.
— By Julieta Toiberman, Jacob Schlater, and Caroline Errico

Versteel is a furniture design and fabrication company. Their state of the art fabrication facility and specialized employees leave nothing off the table for new product development.

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Versteel boasts an extensive in-house manufacturing facility full of state of the art machinery. The capability to work extensively with a variety of materials allows Versteel to produce the majority of their furniture completely in house.

This was not done by choice, however, it was done because Scott Schwinghammer found that outside suppliers could not consistantly deliver product that lived up to Versteel’s strict quality standards. Today, the 135,000 square foot facility in Jasper, Indiana produces all the furniture that Versteel sends out its doors. The factory has the capabilities to work in sheet metal, metal tubing, upholstery, plywood, corian, as well as other materials. The factory uses machines such as robotic welders, press breaks, tube benders, laser cutters, and of course, Chuck. One of the most interesting and versatile machines that Versteel has access to is the metal tube laser. This million dollar machine allows Versteel to make complex cuts in any direction or orientation on any side of the tube. This allows for otherwise impossible joinery to be fabricated quickly and efficiently with extremely high tolerances. The tube laser is just one small example of the advanced machinery that Versteel utilizes.