Verdin Manufacturing Process

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The Section 001 team that worked with Verdin studied the entire bell-making process from the creation of a sand mold to the final finishing work.

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Sand is poured into the casing and epoxy is added to solidify the mold. After the pattern is removed, a graphite coating is added to protect the mold and smooth its shape. At the end, a hole is dug and a gate is inserted (to pour the bronze)

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Melting & Pouring

Bronze is heated to 1200 C. It takes approximately two hours to melt the bronze for a casting. There needs to be enough bronze to pour, so typically castings are done once a month. If parts are small, bronze is ladled into the molds.

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The bell is brushed clean to remove burnt epoxy. Small details, such as text are manurally refine. Depending on the desired finish of the bell, bells are polished, and coated with finishings such as patina.