About The Verdin Company


Their story began with two brothers immigrating from Alsace, France to Cincinnati in 1835. Francis de Sales and Michael Verdin used their iron-forging skills to begin making tower clocks, with their first documented installation in 1842. Today, they are oldest privately held manufacturing business in Ohio, operated by Tim Verdin. Like their family members before them, today’s fifth and sixth generations lead the company forward by blending technological innovation with old-world craftsmanship.


“The Verdin history of casting... is still sort of newfangled. We’re still expanding our operations as we go along.”

Owen Kelling, Bell-Maker and Sculptor


Map of The Verdin foundry relative to the University of Cincinnati







The Verdin team worked closely with Verdin to create useful bronze products. Their designs needed to work with the sand casting methods that Verdin uses which guided the forms of both the bowls and hammers.