nathalie Van den Berg

Nathalie is a unique, eccentric, and passionate person. Even though she chose Industrial Design in the spur of the moment, it couldn’t have been a better fit. She’s very methodical in her process as a designer and is always seeking inspiration from her colleagues. She found over the course of her time at the University of Cincinnati that emulating the style of her peers is the best way to improve and challenge herself. She also found this to be true when she interned at The Chamberlin Group and Fossil. In the end, watching all the pieces come together to create a polished final product is the most exciting and rewarding aspect about design for her. She likes being able to watch her love of art bloom into a product other people can have joy using. If there’s someone you want to challenge in a peach-ring eating contest or talk to about cats she’s your girl.

You can find more of Natalie’s work here.