Nate Laux

Nate is enrolled in University of Cincinnati’s architecture program at the School of Architecture and Interior Design. His main fields of interest include digital fabrication, design/build and photography. In school Nate found a love for making and spent a lot of time perfecting his craft in the realm of 3D modeling and explored various 3D printing and CNC tools. His focus on going wherever curiosity leads him has expanded his work far beyond his background in architecture. For Section 001 he took on an interdisciplinary leadership role contributing extensive work to the design, and fabrication of our display booth, coordinating social media communications reaching out to the media/press as well as designing one of the pieces of furniture included in our collection that was shown at ICFF in New York. 

In addition to the work he produced in school, he has also had independent success in his lifelong love for photography. Since learning the ins and outs of manual camera controls at a young age, Nate has explored a wide array of mediums within the realm of photography from modern day digital cameras to film rangefinders and darkroom processing. His photographs have been featured in galleries and was recently on display at Metro Texture, a street photography exhibition held in New York’s Lower East Side. You can can follow him on Instagram @nate_laux and view more of his work here.

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IG: @nate_laux