Theo Bonner

Starting with his first set in 2003, Theo became a Lego junkie that used those little plastic bricks as his creative medium of choice. When the time came to choose a major, industrial design was the perfect blend of art and engineering.

Described by his peers as passionate and fair, Theo is always open to help with problem solving. As a result, ideation sketching and concept generation are his favorite stages in the design process. Consolidating user-based research and finding innovative solutions to non-obvious problems is his strength and passion. When not pursuing the perfect product idea, Theo spends his time composing terrible puns, eating Indian food, and stalking Guy Fieri in a non-creepy way. Over his 3 years at DAAP he has had the privilege of working at several different companies focusing on a wide spectrum of product design categories including Allegion in Carmel, Indiana, Twisthink in Holland, Michigan, and as of this summer Hasbro in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

You can find more of Theo’s work here