About King Bag & Manufacturing Company


King Bag & Manufacturing Co. is an industrial sewn goods manufacturing company in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded in 1895 by John King and stayed in the King Family until 1960. The company began as a small operation manufacturing and distributing burlap feed bags to farmers across the Midwest.

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“I didn’t come here to sew, I came here to rivet and drill. I had no sewing experience.”

Marly, Head Seamstress


Map of King Bag relative to the University of Cincinnati







Each week, the team traveled to King Bag to sort through scraps of vinyl discarded in the pattern cutting stage. This unpredictable and growing collection of salvaged material inspired color and texture combinations used in the final products. The team took ques from King Bag’s vinyl welding machines and experimented extensively with applying heat to the vinyl to chemically weld it together. The goal was to put an upcycled spin on King Bag’s industrial process by using only excess material and unique, manual fabrication methods.