About Erhart Foundry


Erhart Foundry is a Cincinnati-based iron foundry with 165 years of history and experience. It is currently under its sixth generation owner, Zack Erhart. Erhart Foundry started off making parts for steam engines and locomotives including train tracks. A lot of Sewer covers in Cincinnati were made at this Foundry as well and are actually embossed wither name Currently, Erhart Foundry produces small to medium size batches of iron castings for a variety of clients. Still residing in the same building they were in the 1900s, this foundry has done a phenomenal job bringing itself into the current industrial age while retaining the old time Cincinnati industrial feel. Erhart Foundry does a lot of work for local Cincinnati companies and local plants of national and international companies. They do a lot to help with metal recycling and creating a sustainable foundry environment. They recycle a lot of old track and train parts along with any other iron scraps and have a 97% retention of the sand they use for their molds. They use electric heaters instead of coal and run a computerized test to ensure best iron quality ensuring clean and quality cast iron parts with every pour.


“We’re a jobbing foundry, which means we excel at handling custom and prototype jobs.”

Eric Erhart, Vice President


Map of Erhart relative to the University of Cincinnati







The product is a cast iron skillet with an off-centered lip and a shelled handle. Its main goal was to have simple and elegant surfacing with intentional transitions. The team created a set of two skillets which are connected in design but vary in proportion, the large skillet having a 9” base and the medium skillet having a 6.5” base.