About Carson’s Lumbermill


Established in 1986 with the purchase of a Wood-Mizer® sawmill, Carson’s Lumbermill is a family-owned operation that provides custom lumber sawing services. John Carson has built a career around his love for wood and its applications. On his eighty acres of land in southeast Indiana, John offers services of custom sawing, kiln drying, and hardwood flooring to his customers. The work done by Carson’s Lumbermill is not limited, however, as its slogan, “What we wood do for you!” rings true. Special projects such as custom tabletops, large live edge pieces, and wooden barn construction are showcased in Carson’s portfolio.


“I say yes, and then I figure out how I’m going to do it!”

John Carson, Owner


Map of Carsons Lumbermill relative to the University of Cincinnati







A pair of benches showcases John Carson’s process in a refined light. Layered planks of green maple wood imitate the stacking technique used at Carson’s Lumbermill to dry freshly cut lumber. The separating wooden bars between each layer elevate each bench form; in the first design, these bars are a visual focal point, while they stand vertically as physical supports in the second bench. Designs balance the rawness and imperfections of John Carson’s process with thoughtful refinement and post-processing to select edge and surfaces.