Andrew Birkhoff

Andrew distinctly remembers when he was six and built a dome out of Jenga blocks and was told that he was destined to be and architect. He stuck with that thought for 12 years until he started looking at colleges. When visiting the University of Cincinnati his dad pointed out Industrial Design but wasn’t sure it was the right choice until he visited OSU’s architecture school. The building was long, curved, and the interior was entirely concrete. It was perfect for making sure you could hear everyone’s conversations but understand none of what was being said. It was that lack of thought about how users interact in a space that drew Andrew away from Architecture and into Industrial Design.

Since starting school in Industrial Design Andrew has stayed true to his ideals that users should be kept in mind. He likes to be inspired by whatever he’s working on and then takes the idea he has into CAD and does the rest of his thinking there. He has interned at Hellman-Chang Furniture and X-Link Consulting, and will be at Owens-Illinois this summer.

You can find more of Andrew’s work here: