About 1819 Innovation Hub


With designing and fabricating a grandfather clock at the Innovation Hub, the use of various materials and techniques was essential to showcase the Hub’s plethora of possibilities with ideas and production. Materials include metals, plastics, and concrete, and the building methods consisted of laser-cutting, welding, metalworking, with the waterjet’s abilities being pushed to their limits to produce a one-of-a-kind clock.




Water Jet

Essentially an over powered power washer, a water-jet uses a high pressure stream of water and abrasive to cut through materials up to 8” thick. Able to cut a wide variety of materials this tool proves to be extremely versatile.


Metal Shop

Equipped with a full range of metal working and machining tools nearly anything is capable, from T.I.G. and MIG to a JET manual mill and machine lathe. You’ll be hard pressed to find something you can’t cut in half and weld back together here.


C.N.C. Router

Armed with a large format C.N.C. router sheet goods truly show their potential. This K.O.M.O. Mach One has auto tool change and a 5’ x 10’ bed easily fitting your project.