Fastemp Glass Company


Fastemp Glass Company is a privately-owned company founded in 1981 and currently runs out of a 67,000 square-foot facility. The company caters to many different industries including lighting, food service, agricultural machinery, automotive, display, and many different types of furniture. At Fastemp they combine knowledge, technology and experience to produce a quality product at competitive prices. Their best attribute, however, is a commitment to customer satisfaction. It is the principle on which the company was founded and something they strive to uphold every day.

Their Passion for glass, and tight knit, welcoming, working community drives the work they do every day. From person to person on their systematic assembly line, to communal lunch breaks in their break room, everyone working at Fastemp is open to any idea or challenge you throw their way. 


“Working with glass comes with unexpected challenges that most wouldn’t think of. The difficulty and having to navigate those challenges has been my drive for the past fifteen years.” 

Marlon Cunnigham, Foreman

Map of Fastemp Glass Company relative to the University of Cincinnati







While learning more about Fastemp’s facility, the team became particularly intrigued by their unique range machinery and practices, as well as by the material’s myriad of properties. Glass holds many forms, and while Fastemp only works with one specifically they also produce many other distinct substances throughout their process. The team hoped to capitalize on the distinct properties of glass in new and inventive ways.